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but[b+ 75b i want to start this evening by saying that on behalf ofbr:?"jñzññ?ñ?ñ the san francisco unified school district, and school districts across the state of we want to thank the voters for their support of propositionzó;r(wagm which will enable -- >> rwjv [applause.] -- >> which will enable the san francisco unified school district to maintain the same level of funding from the 2011-12 school year and stave off additional mid-year cuts such as forced closure while prop 30 received slightlyijókgáy more of the majority to pass statewide we in san francisco passed the measure by an overwhelmingoññ?ñ?ñ margin. once again -- >> [applause.] >> yes. once+ ? again as san franciscans we have demonstrated our commitment to theñ?ñ children of our community and while this is reason to celebrate we want to ask for youraq/ag/@v continued advocacy in support of our schools.
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our schools remain underfunded by 22% but despite this we have been able to maintain our$mk ei-commitment to educating the whole child. let me be clear, there is no extra money as a result of propwñ?ñ 30. on our website we have included frequently asked questions regarding proposition 30 and what it means÷=u b district. for more information visit=;]!wt thank you for that i've received from the public, askingt aboutb "bóweme ?ñ information around prop 30. i also would like to share that as superintendent i often receivec "1? and members of the communityj about therxñ?ñ? direction of our schools. and while we are fortunate to receive2 feedback one of the concerns i hear from many is whether or not standardized testing in math and/]ñ?ñ? english has narrowed what and how we teach our students.
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the answerwe boo to this question is#v÷ux]ú an.ñr mastery of specific skills and subject materials align to state standardscñ?ñ? in math and english that are assessed, usingdñ?ñ standardized tests are only a small part of what is being taught in our san francisco schools. q+k ññ our schools who have made the greatest academic achievement gains in english and7íwo3i math educate our students in much more than just english and math. they are committed to science and social studies, arts, and other enrichment opportunities for all of our students. even in our mostpkñ?ñ? historically underserved schools, schools that previously wereñññ?ñ? underachieving, the following examples illustrate in concrete terms the district -- to educating the entire child. framework has encouraged non-fiction reading especially in science and social studies. schools have purchased additional books with the funds available and material tolqñ?ñ?
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support student learning in all of the -- our school improvement grantrñ?ñ? leveraged resources have permitted us to make significant investments in technology and hardware that is being used across the curriculum. and in particular these investments further have>éñ?ñ? enhanced student interaction and engagement with science and social studies and even the arts curriculum. student funding has permitted the school to hire additional pe teachersióñ?ñ? while providing common planning relief time for classroom teachers to continue to collaborate. it is because of this whole child approach that we have to learn in+95#l the san francisco are one of only three large urban school districts in the state of california to surpass theñukeájíw 800 target forn despite our real budget constraints over the years. we are proud to have been able to leverage all of our available resources to maximize a broader
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educational experience for all of our students. and while we would like to do more, this board and this superintendent, as a former75ñ?ñ? social studies teacher and music teacher, are committed toáñ?ñ?ñ providing a rich, robust, and inclusive education for they
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continually support your child's academic growth. inc9ñp particular, you may recall that during the 2011-12 school year we implemented the common learning assessment, cla, district-wide in math and english language for grades 2-12 and spanish language arts for grades 2-8. these assessments align with the district's goals ofzhñ?ñ? providing ongoing assessment of student learning and ensuring equity andja//y# ñ access to rigorous academic content across the district. i have some exciting news that within the next couple of weeks parents you will be receiving your child'sxndvl individualized cla reports and results. these reports will beñ up@q" in english, spanish, and in chinese. and on the report you will be able to see your child's performance levels in the subject material. ourtc>@láu hope is that this will provide to families andyéñ?ñ?ñ teachers yet another opportunity, and a
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concrete tool for9fñ?ñ? discussing student academic process. we will work with school sites and parents to assist pwvñ%xb to understand what the cla's report help to/÷ñ?ñ? tell us about student learning and how parents and teachers can work together to recognize student strengths and also areas for continued growth. i'd like to remind you the month of november is a great time to reconnect as awsñ?ñ? community with others and to celebrate, along with thanksgiving, november is native-american heritage month and we look forward to our communities commemorating this occasion on the curriculum. november¢ñ?ñ? is -- stand up for peace and safety. our san francisco unified school district respect week is november 6 through the 30th staff to assist with enhancing positive schoolmiñ?ñ? climates.
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school district staff which include our counselors, social workers, wellness coordinators, nurses, will be4fñ?ñ?ñ assisting schools with the coordination of respect week activities and for more information on respect week and how you can be directly involved please visit our student family and community support website at on a personal note i had the wonderful opportunity to see one of our stellar student performances this past week at the ruth -- -- all i can say is bravo. congratulations to the student thes peens and their director, for a job well done. lastly, i would also like to congratulate our incumbent board commissioners on their reelections, commissioners wynns, fewer, and norton thank
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you for your previous service to the children in our community, and we look forward to your continued work on our board of education and your unsurpassed advocacy for our youth families. i'd also like to welcome to the board of education commissioner-elect matthew haney, who will be filling a seat vacated by our president norman yee in january and hopefully he will be#qñ?ñ taking another seat. here's wishing ladies andkl/ gentlemen, here's wishingysñ?ñ? everyone a joyful, restful and happy thanksgiving. i am personally thankful for all of you for trusting your children to our care. thank you. >>e >> thank you superintendent for that very shortáaysñ.aafsñ?ñ? thoughtuñ?ñ?. no. they were very important comments. and
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today. so let's see where am i? hey, you're up again. so recognition.64ízkmi"and resolutions of commendations. the first one is commendation of the 25th anniversary of the omega)th"e boysx7$[e1 club authored byl=çfl commissioners murase and maufas. there is a motion and second? >> so yñoy >> second. >> a reading of the resolution by commissioner murase or maufas. >> thank you,j; i'll begin.efp2q!cn in commendation of the 25th anniversary of omega boys club, noa marshallwwnag0wd5 was)elsa!ç 6th grade school at -- who witnessed the violence take the life of their4s. youngqvpzy&trq%#(@@7nec7zé pt students whereas these two as an ak dement;ïwé@hic
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club whereas over the course of 25 years the omega boys club has trained nearly the alive add free prescription engaged with more than 10,000 youth who remain alive and free in the bay area, mentored 163 college graduates,;>jk,> 176 by the spring ofw% yrx2012, achieved a 95% college retention rate for$?ñ?ñ the past six years produced 32 alumni with post graduate degrees, to train school staff reduced violence at 17 adopted schools impacting over 15,000 students, spread the alive and free message to over 115,000 people who have heard the alive and free message and presentations and workshops, and served as a model for 24 cities replicating the alive and free prescription and the omega like
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programs across the u.s. and canada. >> whereas the omega's boys club program was adopted -- therefore be it rye sofd that the board of education of the san francisco school district on the occasion of the omega boys club 25th anniversary congratulates the founders for their tremendous contribution to!é v transforming at-risk youth into goal-achieving college graduates and successful individuals creating a model of violence prevention that is acclaimed locat ñ÷ internationally. i believe they were unable to attend tonight but we welcome on him egg-a boys club alumni to accept on their behalfrhoú >> [applause.] >> can we take a vote first.
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thank you. before etake a vote, is it authors? is it possible for me to add my name to the resolution.oz okay. roll call please. >> commissioner lee yes. >> ms. wong, yes. ms. feuer, yes. ms. maufas, yes. ms. mendoza, yes. ms. murase yes. mr. lee yes. >> unanimous. would you like to present at this point and after you present they can have a few words.
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pngeddle so -- would you like to have a few words, press the button. >> first of all, i want it thankñ?ñ? the san francisco board of education for presenting us with this wonderful commendation tonight. the omega boys club as you heard has worked tirelessly through the years. i guess when you work that hard, and the founders who are still alive today dr. joseph marshall jr. and jack -- you probably don't have time to accept awards because you're still doing the work. it gives me great pleasure to accept this on behalf of theyñ?ñ? omega boys club, 25 years after lching to that -- listening to that accomplishments and everything we've done i just reflected upon being a part of so many of those amazing experiences and just being wild, sitting there listening.
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i know she mentioned thailand, south africa and i just reflected on a trip i took with dr. marshall outside of the country to switzerland. we were in swirts land for two weeks i believe and just leaving the united states of america and see the world it held me to reflect on that night at the omega boys club, ndz night of course when the omega boys club told me you stick with us, we will help you see the world. i didn't know they meant that literally. i just thought they meant like giving me good talk to stay in the club. i wanted to take x?rknvrt time also to publicly thank the club'sc7 founders dr. joseph marshall jr. and jack, those two gentlemen have helped (mv and shape the form of the person i am today. i$ñ?ñ? am a servant o/1 servant of keeping young people alive and free and thank you all again for this marvelousyk /2ru0
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awardñañ?ñ?. >> [applause.] >> good evening,)ñ?ñ? commissioners. superintendent carranza. i wanted to congratulate reelected commissioners norton,f vy m wynns, and fewer. congratulations on your reelection. 14 years ago, which makes me seem a little older than i would like to admit, i graduated from morris brown college in georgia. it was due to a huge part for the omega boys club paying for my tuition and providing me as well as many first generation college students the opportunity to go on to college and graduate. so it wasn't just about talking the talk)v)vpñyñ in terms of how we eliminate violence and how we work to make changes andgwñ transformation in the community but it wasn[ñ?ñ? also about the action behind it. having the opportunity to go to school, go to high school, and knowing and understanding that ifc ?ñ? you're part of a program
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that will be able to pay your tuition, takes the stress=ñ?ñ? off a lot of our students and a lot of cp └u that provide a tangible opportunity for change. so we just want to thank dr. marshall and jack for the work they've done over the past 25 years and the work that they continue -- and not only did they pay college[@kw tuitions, not only do they continue to work in the community, as you see they're not here tonight, and they apologize for that but they also instilled in us, like dr. marshall's grandmother would say the more you know, the more you owe. what we continue to do as alumni is definitely in part of what was instilled in us as a part of this legacy and organization. on behalf of dr. marshall and jack, we want to thank you for this commendation and they of course apologize for not being here tonight but they really are doing the work. so thank you again. >> [applause.]xñ?ñnl8vfcá
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pngeddle the next commendation is for the program title the seven of thevnñ?ñ?ñ occasions of november, asxñ?ñ? native-,-# # heritage month authored&ñ?ñ? by commissioner murase and fewer. is there a second? >>k y] so moved. >> second. >> reading of the resolution by commissioner murase and fewer. >> i'd like to share the reading as commissioner fewer comes back back. indian education program native-american month a day of'j>]cc recognition for the significant contribution, the first americans made to the establishment and growth of the united states, has evolved to become a whole month being designated for that#;?j+7qñ purpose, and whereas during the month of november, we'd like to1&
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american indian staff in the unified school district for maintaining pride and academic u title 7 and community partners that support cultural pride of the american indian, and in particular the'zw[csu supports the academicqñq>wñ needs of the american indian alaskan students, culturalpúi awareness, family literacy hands on learning nights college preparedness, leadership ei-opportunities a summer science program[me teachers that focus on a youth p.o.w. wow. ask the commissioner fewer to read the rest. >> commissioner fewer: whereas
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the parent advisory committee of the indian education program consists of parentsñ?ñ?ñ aides representatives, teachers administration and community members to -- on the distribution of the research provided for the program based on multiple data sources for a variety of services, and where pac empowers families, students and community6ó?n
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youth program. the2 s ák beço boardt indian education program title 7 on the occasion of the÷: a?k4 native american heritage month to celebrate c : a rich]kdék.z education, which empower american indian alaskan native students educators and families to ensure the school district
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ms. -- >> i believe gloria moalt is here the director of-4#kwñ the indian education program. >> good evening everybody.mmçz commissioners and superintendent. i amnu this recognition on behalf of the indian education program title 7 the parent advisory committee, teachers, students and the community in general. the indian education program is a federally funded program that supports the unique educational and cultural academic needs of the american indian alaskan native students and we come out of the office of instruction where state funded programs are housed andi!)mdn< our office is currently at cesar chavez elementary school bungalow 2.
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this program is unique because it requires a parent advisory committee to be set in place to guide the distribution of funds and the committee is comprised of parents guardians, teachers, youth representative, community members and the pac looks at district data and determines the following objectives. this year's objectives are graduation, reading writing ald math. and it makes me super happy to -- after two and a half years of being program coordinator that the program has grown with outreach that's gone from identifying 97 american indian students to 157, which means that our funding, from the -- has increased from 21,000 to 32000. and currently we haveti identified american indians in the usd.
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and the highest number of tribal affiliation that we have is navajo but there are 56 tribal affiliations here in san francisco. and i just wanted to acknowledge our commitment with the parents that are here, to support the program. our program is very unique. the parents are the ones who decide, like i said, the program -- what events go in the program and what things#ñzqé that we focus on is family night once a month. and that's the parent wanted to have that and this year we're focusing on writing7?g÷ç and literacy, including in our family nights with hands-on activities and it's been 'ç1; tremendozho [+v turnout. we also have a summer science program led by american indian teachers, and it's$2u,ç gone from one week to two weeks, serving 20 students from when they first
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started, to 60. so it's very successful program. and we collaborate with our partners. so it'swaçmím and i would like to recognize all of
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i just want to recognize the parents efforts that are doing that behind the scenes. that is really important. so i'm really grateful for this recognition because it means a lot to our community, and it means a lot -- i'm a one-person department. and i'm really super happy to have a great supervisor in barbara -- who is able to be with me and support me and guide me through the3m the district level and the parents that are very active and want to see a change in the district. so i'm just really grateful to 7x;cjo be here, and the support of deputy& to be able to provide us a new space that we have at cesar chavez, andk1vx=áthe chavez community is super excited to have us be there with ab9?é1e holler staff. so i'm thankful. i'm like extremely thankful for
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this recognition because it means so much to the/wv program and a lot of the american indian students and teachers and females who i don't want to keep going but i could. i have a list of so many people that i could recognize because they make my work -- they make me want to work even harder. and working with the youth, that really brightens my day, and makes me want to work even more harder. but here's our parent÷ezc committee cochair, michelle an tone that would like tol few words. >> good evening. i just want to -- my name is michelle i'm from the -- nation which tucson arizona. and i am born and raised here in san francisco, and on the parents of the indian education program, we are very thankful/k44k(.ñ grateful for this acknowledgement. we have a strong group of
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dedicated parents that have been working really hard to keep this program going. for a period of time we didn't have a program coordinator. and now we have one of our own parents who is the coordinator. and so it's been a lot of work from a lot of dedicated parents that have been keeping the program going. we have been very instrumental in trying to get a location for our program. we have been kind of floating around here and there and now we are at cesar chavez,naj we're grateful that we have a room so that we can really get our program running full strength. and it's good to have a location so families can have somewhere to go when they need to. there's no other program in c
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is to -- is that we want our graduation numbers to go up. we have a high risk ofobú;c? dropout and we're trying to turn that around. and we're very grateful and honored to be here. thank youfá,?c> [applause.] >> i know we don't have g4sj y-ñz÷k+yd/x right now but i'm going to acknowledge the pac members who have been supporting, with the -- certificate later on but michelle an tone, georgia pratt williams, arin hall, a teacher who isn't here who was supporting way before i was even in the program. so thank you so much for all your -- and all the parents that showed up tonight thank you so much for coming and supporting. >> ?s >> i also wanted to mention that i had an opportunity to attend this assembly

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